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Not everything in life is as easy as buying VIP Hospitality packages on DAIMANI. No matter how much you prepare, things do not always go as planned – and that’s a lesson all of us have been learning recently. More than ever before, it is important to protect yourself against those potential eventualities which can arise. It pays to be smart and be prepared for life’s big or little surprises: It might be an illness or injury, a car that won’t start or train that is cancelled or simply losing the official VIP Hospitality tickets you’ve purchased. We are here to help you with a simple and secure solution.

DAIMANI has a well-earned reputation for innovation in the event industry – and we are delighted to be the first global player providing refund protection for the VIP Hospitality packages we offer. It’s yet another way that we’re improving and reinventing the customer experience in the VIP Hospitality industry.


DAIMANI has carefully selected a trusted partner, Protect Group to administer ticket refund protection in 195 countries. Protect Group’s Refunds Team provides 24/7 support, responding to refund requests within 48 hours.

The refund available is the purchase price of your official VIP Hospitality, up to a maximum of GB£ 10,000 per package. You can also apply for a refund on part of your booking; for example, if three of the ten guests you have invited can’t attend due to any of the included reasons for refund, you can obtain a refund for only their three packages.

If the application is successful, the monies will be transferred directly to you within 3 to 7 working days. ​​​​​​​



For an additional fee of 5.9 % of your package price (including VAT) you can protect your VIP Hospitality packages, and any extras bought as part of that package, if you are unable to attend the event due to specific unforeseen circumstances. Sample scenarios that are covered within the enhanced terms and conditions are listed below:​​​​

  • Accident, Illness, Injury
  • Pre-Existing Medical Condition or Pregnancy-related conditions
  • Fire, Flooding, Adverse Weather
  • Scheduled Airline or Private Vehicle Failure
  • Armed Forces or Emergency Services Recall
  • Theft of physical Tickets, Burglary
  • ​​​​​​​Jury Service or Court Summons
  • Relocation by your Employer, Change of Exam dates​​​​

… and many more
​​​​​​​For further details, consult the detailed Terms & Conditions here




Select your official VIP Hospitality package on DAIMANI and complete your order.



During checkout, add the RefundProtect to your basket. The cost will be indicated clearly in your order summary.



Enjoy your VIP Hospitality Experience with you and your guests knowing there’s one less thing to worry about.​