What categories of tickets are available?

Only GOLD tickets (the best seats in Category 1) will be assigned to Official Hospitality, the inventory is given by France 2023.

Do you have more information about the different Hospitality Categories:

All details about the Hospitality Categories and Services are available in the Brochure (categories are described as of page 12) or on the dedicated Categories Page.

If you need more information, please contact salesenquiries@daimani.com.

At what age can I access the Official Hospitality areas?

To access the Official Hospitality areas, you need an Official Hospitality Ticket, regardless of age. There is no minimum age to enter.

Are pets allowed in the stadium?

All animals are forbidden in stadiums, except for guide or assistance dogs. Animals may not be left in the baggage room.

Is there a list of hotels where I can stay the night before or the night of the match?

For all accommodation-related questions, please contact our official TRAVEL DAIMANI reservation center travel@daimani.com or book your travel arrangements directly online.

What is the schedule for my Official Hospitality service?

For the remaining games the kick-off is at 9 PM, the hospitality areas will open 2 hours and 30 minutes before the game and close 1 hour and 30 minutes after the game concludes. If your hospitality lounge is within the stadium the area might also reopen during half-time.

For 'Lite' packages, your hospitality is ONLY valid for pre-game hospitality.

Can you provide an idea of what the lounges will look like?

Here is a preview of what the lounges might look like (images are not exact but give you an idea of the ambiance).

Wheelchair access

To ensure wheelchair accessibility, it's important to submit requests before purchasing tickets, as availability is limited. It's essential to understand that making a PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) request doesn't guarantee space for a companion. The companions will need to purchase their own ticket separately.


When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent out within the week leading up to each respective game as soon as we receive them from France 2023, the organizing committee, so you can anticipate receiving the tickets at the latest two days before the fixture, subject to payment status.

Tickets may not arrive in chronological order, but will be distributed as the allocations are completed.

Tickets will be received based on the individual game, rather than the entire order.

How will I get my tickets?

The tickets will be in electronic format (PDF) and will be sent to the email address associated with each purchase.

For bookings made before 31.07.2023: A confirmation email will arrive shortly, asking you to verify or modify the email provided.

For bookings made as of 01.08.2023: The tickets will be sent to the email address associated with each purchase.

Once you receive the e-tickets, you'll have the option to print them or share them from your mobile device. These e-tickets can be easily transferred between you and your guests.

Tickets may not arrive in chronological order, but will be distributed as the allocations are completed.

Tickets will be received based on individual games, rather than the entire order.

How do I get to the stadium?

Information will be provided together with your e-ticket and the hospitality programme information.

How do I get into the stadium?

The e-ticket will indicate the gate assigned to your Official Hospitality area. The e-ticket must be presented to enter the stadium.

Is there a specific entrance for my lounge?

Dedicated Official Hospitality entrances are provided and will be specified on the e-ticket.

How will I gain access to my hospitality lounge’s access?

Your e-ticket will state the relevant lounge within the stadium. Follow the stadium directions to this lounge. Upon arrival your ticket will be scanned and you will be issued a wristband upon entry.

Do I need to provide specific names?

France 2023 confirmed that individual names are not required on the e-tickets. Instead, your e-ticket will display "DAIMANI" followed by your Order number. Remember that each ticket can only be scanned once for entry.

Can I book parking with my Official Hospitality Booking?

France 2023 provides 1 complimentary parking spot for every 4 packages per single match.

These spots are subject to availability and are upon request.

If you have 4 packages or more, please email enquiries.rwc2023@daimani.com and provide your Order Number 500XXXX

If you have less than 4 packages, you can purchase parking directly from France 2023.

Buses can be reserved for groups of 40+ people, but availability is not guaranteed. Please email: enquiries.rwc2023@daimani.com and provide your Order Number 500XXXX

Dimensions to respect: 2 meters in height, 2.20 meters in width, and 5.10 meters in length.

Where is my parking?

If you have already booked parking, information will be provided together with your e-ticket and the hospitality programme information.

Is there a menu available?

France 2023, the organizing committee, does not plan to share menus in advance, but buffet lounges will have options for dietary restrictions. For seated dinners, you can share allergen information with the caterer by emailing enquiries.rwc2023@daimani.com at least 30 days before the game.

Seated dinner – tables

Kindly be aware that the tables are designed for groups of 10 individuals. If your group consists of fewer than 10 people, you will be seated alongside other guests from the same lounge.

Is there a dress code?

There's no required dress code, but casual chic attire is suggested. You're welcome to wear your team's jersey if you prefer.

Will we know the speaker in our lounge?

France 2023 wants to keep some surprises for guests, so speakers will only be revealed on the event day.

Will we know the event gift?

France 2023 plans to keep the gift a surprise until the event day.

Can I be seated with my friend?

To secure a specific seating assignment, you should request it prior to purchasing the actual tickets by providing Order Number 500XXXX to enquiries.rwc2023@daimani.com. Once the tickets have been assigned, any modifications won’t be possible. Please note that we will try our best to fulfil your request but cannot guarantee it.


I have placed an order, but I haven’t received confirmation. Where do I find the details for my booking?

Please make sure to also check your junk/spam folder, as at times our order confirmation e-mail could end up there. Your order history is also summarised under the Order section of your registered DAIMANI account. If you still can’t find confirmation for your order, please reach out to us on booking@daimani.com.

Can I apply for a refund for the VAT expense and/or can I be invoiced the service exempt of VAT?

As RWC 2023 goods and services are consumed in France, we must add 20% VAT to all purchases. Consequently, DAIMANI can’t remove it from the invoice for clients registered in other EU or non-EU countries. In other words, as no export is happening, our product doesn’t qualify for rules with reverse charge with other EU countries nor for export rules with 0% VAT rate for non-EU countries.

Can I get a refund?

Should you have purchased our RefundProtect insurance add-on alongside your RWC 2023 Hospitality Package, we kindly ask you to verify if your refund request is applicable via the dedicated Refund Protect page.

If not, we cannot assist with refund requests. As the sales agent for France 2023, we must adhere to the terms and conditions of purchase for Rugby World Cup 2023 Official Hospitality, which state that all purchases are final. However, you can "gift" the packages to someone else if interested.

I purchased a Follow my Team/L’Expert Pack ticket. Am I entitled to a refund if my team doesn’t make it to the following stage?

If your Selected Team makes it to knockout stage:

Tickets will be dispatched by email as soon as possible, up to 24 hours before the match.

If your Selected Team does not make it the knockout stage:

We'll either offer you the option to keep the ticket (upon availability and for the same category) or to request a refund for the knockout match. From the knockout stage, refunds will be processed and issued until 2 weeks after the end of the tournament. Refunds will be actioned automatically if your tickets were paid via Credit Card. If paid via Bank Transfer, additional details will be requested to proceed.