How can I purchase a VIP Hospitality package on DAIMANI?

The DAIMANI marketplace is designed to provide you with a click-and-buy experience, just like you would expect from any other major e-commerce marketplace. Until September 2019 and later for some offers (particularly if you are close to the event date), you can purchase upon request directly on the event page. If you would like to discuss anything or have a question about the purchase process, you can send us an email, call us directly or request a call back at your convenience.

Where do the tickets in your VIP hospitality packages come from?

DAIMANI only works within the legal framework set by the official sport federation, stadium or event-hosting body and/or their commercial hospitality rightsholders. That means the tickets that you are purchasing are official and are provided solely by the legal entity hosting the event or their officially appointed hospitality provider, who is duly authorised to sell.

The primary buying contract that you enter into when you purchase on the DAIMANI platform is the same hosting entity that issues the tickets or with the hospitality rightsholder authorised to sell official ticket-inclusive hospitality packages. In other words, you are purchasing directly from the event, using the event’s sales contract, and not from DAIMANI.

Are there any additional fees or taxes that have to be added to the displayed price?

The price shown on the DAIMANI marketplace will include all fees for services and benefits provided in the VIP hospitality packages as detailed. We are not in the business of including ‘hidden extras’.

In the event there are additional fees for services over and above what is explained in the selected VIP hospitality package (say, for instance, for extra car parking passes or a ‘cash’ bar), these will be explained in detail and clearly highlighted.

While every attempt is made to make your purchase as tax efficient as possible, Value Added Tax or its local equivalent will be charged at the relevant rate set by the event or hospitality rightsholder concerned. This will be included in the invoice that DAIMANI makes available to you on account and on behalf of the event or hospitality rightsholder.

We will do all that we reasonably can to facilitate your claiming back VAT or its equivalent if this is appropriate under the circumstances.

When will I receive my tickets?

The date you will receive your tickets and other hospitality package benefits is normally set by the event organiser, their ticketing partner and/or hospitality rightsholder. Putting an exact timeline on this, for all of our events, is complicated by the fact some events are happy to email print-at-home e-tickets to clients while others use physical tickets only. As you may have read, DAIMANI is working on a digital ticket fulfillment similar to airline boarding passes. But this is still a work in progress.

What happens to my data? 

DAIMANI attaches the utmost importance to customers’, guests’, event holders’ and employees’ privacy and security, and utilises robust technological solutions such as SAP, applicable data protection laws and international regulations like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to outside parties other than the needed information to process the fulfilment of the VIP Hospitality package you have purchased. For this, we will request your explicit consent during every purchasing process separately.

What is included in my VIP hospitality packages?

Each live event that we work with is different. Sometimes a little different, sometimes very different. Therefore, the specific benefits included in each of the VIP hospitality packages is shown in as much detail as possible in the sales sheet linked to each live event. Please do take the time to read through this carefully as the actual make-up of the hospitality benefits may differ from one event to another, and from one hospitality rightsholder to another. The elements included should always be clearly presented. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by live chat, telephone or email. We’d much rather spend time making things as clear as possible to you before the event than be consoling you after the event because of something that was misunderstood, or you felt could have been better explained.

However, as much as we will try to assist you in these matters, please note that DAIMANI’s role is to be the marketplace that brings together you, the customer, with the VIP hospitality package that you wish to purchase from the event or hospitality rightsholder directly, and as such there may be some elements over which we have no control.

Can you assist me or my group with other travel arrangements?

DAIMANI has a network of travel and destination management companies that will be able to assist you. Let us know what you need and we will put you in contact with a person who can help.

How do I know if ground transportation and parking is included?

The benefits contained in the VIP hospitality package you are looking to purchase – including whether or not this includes ground transportation or parking – will be clearly explained in the sales sheet linked to the package itself. If there is any element you feel you need to check or want reassurance on, please do feel free to contact us by live chat, telephone or email. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Can I tailor my VIP hospitality package to include other experiences for myself or my group?

In principle, yes. What you and your guests do before and after the event is at your discretion and we are happy to assist with suggestions.

Within the event itself, there may be restrictions on what additional experiences you can create for yourself. These restrictions are made clear in the terms and conditions of the event.

What happens if my tickets are stolen, destroyed or lost?

The answer to this will vary from event to event and on the specific protocols required by the event owner or their appointed hospitality rightsholder. Their major concern, quite reasonably, is ensuring that two sets of people do not try to use the same ticketed seats. As a general rule, it is always good to take a photo of each of the tickets as soon as you have received them if they are paper- or card-based tickets.

If the tickets are destroyed, please photograph the evidence. It may be the case that to prove to the event owner’s satisfaction that the tickets have been lost or stolen, a formal police report is needed or, short of that, a legal declaration will be required.

Your DAIMANI account handler can advise you of the necessary steps with respect to the VIP hospitality package you have purchased. DAIMANI’s advice to you will always be guided by the instructions of the event owner and hospitality rightsholder.