Audi FIS Ski World Cup Adelboden 2020

11 January12 January 2020  Adelboden,  Switzerland
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The 64th International Adelboden Ski Days event on the Chuenisbärgli

The Chuenisbärgli. The diminutive Swiss German suffix ‘li’ might make this mountain sound quite small and cute, but we can assure you it is not. The Chuenisbärgli is one of the Ski World Cup classics, a place where dramas play out and legends are born. They say it is home to the most challenging giant slalom slope in the world. We’re tempted to do away with the ‘li’ suffix altogether and just call it the ‘Chuenisbärg’. After all, only the very best skiers can win on this slope: they need to be fully focused and constantly push themselves to their limits. Waiting in the finish arena – referred to as the Adelboden ‘Hexenkessel’ (witch’s cauldron) – are up to 35,000 ski fans, cheering on the athletes as they take on the final 60° slope. Sorry ‘Chuenisbärg’, but we’re going to stick with ‘Chuenisbärgli’. Simply because we Adelboden locals love an understatement...

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